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We offer a full-body functional exercise circuit that can be completed in just under 40 minutes.

At Surge Kickboxing, we take your fitness journey to the next level with our exhilarating and efficient circuit program. Our Full-Body Functional Exercise Circuit is designed to get your heart pumping and your muscles working, all in just under 40 minutes. Each round lasts 3 minutes, separated by a 30-second breather, ensuring you get the most out of your time with us. With a dedicated trainer by your side and no set class times, you have the flexibility to work out on your schedule. Our circuit includes a comprehensive range of exercises, from a dynamic warm-up (A) to intense strength and conditioning (B), followed by speed bag (C) and heavy bag work (D-G), a double-end bag (H), and an engaging core workout (I). This circuit guarantees a full-body workout every time, helping you build strength, stamina, and confidence. Get ready to unleash your potential and make every minute count at Surge Kickboxing.



We go beyond the ordinary to provide a comprehensive martial arts and training experience. In addition to our Full-Body Functional Exercise Circuit, we offer a specialized striking program for those looking to elevate their kickboxing skills, and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program, positioning us as the premier martial arts and training facility in the area. If you're seeking a more personalized touch, our experienced trainers are available for private lessons or small group training sessions tailored to your individual fitness goals.

Our offerings don't stop there – we also provide Traditional Karate Classes and Self Defense programs suitable for all ages. Our students not only develop crucial attributes such as hand-eye coordination, physical strength, discipline, and confidence but also imbibe essential values like seeking perfection of character, faithfulness, endeavor, respect for others, non-violent behavior, self-love, and compassion for others. At Surge Kickboxing, our mission is to create a training center that fosters a supportive and inclusive community, welcoming individuals of all ages and abilities. Join us on your journey to self-improvement and excellence in martial arts and fitness.


Stronger Together

At Surge Kickboxing we strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for all. Whether you are trying your first kickboxing class ever, or you are a professional fighter, you will always be treated with love and respect. We like to think of our members as family, and as family we always support one another and build each other up.



Contact Us

contact us

(720) 510-9932

14701 W 65th Way, Suite 1

Arvada CO 80004

Circuit Schedule

6am-1pm, 4pm-8pm Monday-Thursday
6am-1pm, 4pm-7pm Friday
8am-12pm Saturday
Closed - Sunday

Karate Class Schedule

Lil Dragons (Ages 4-9) 5pm Monday-Thursday
Junior Ninjas (Ages 10+) 6pm Monday-Thursday

Adult Karate (Ages 14+) 12pm Wednesday, 7pm Tuesday and Thursday

BJJ Class Schedule

6pm Monday-Wednesday

7pm Monday-Wednesday

Striking Class Schedule

Intro to Striking: 12pm Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30pm Monday and Wednesday
Intermediate Striking (Must be an Orange Rank or Higher to Participate): 12pm Monday, 4:30pm Tuesday and Thursday, 7pm Monday