Empowerment Seminar: Self-Defense and Intro To BJJ. June 22nd @ Noon!




Meet Mike, Surge Kickboxing's owner and a Colorado native. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Level 1 Karate Coach with a third-degree black belt in Shotokan Karate, Mike is your dedicated Sensei. With over two decades in martial arts and a decade as a certified kickboxing and boxing coach, he's committed to guiding your journey at Surge Kickboxing. His expertise ensures an enriching experience for all members.



Meet Stephen Walker, a lifelong martial artist and Surge Kickboxing's experienced fitness professional with over a decade of expertise. Committed to enhancing lives through tailored functional fitness and kickboxing training, Stephen focuses on holistic well-being, integrating physical strength, mental resilience, and accomplishment. As a family man, he nurtures connections within Surge Kickboxing and in his personal life, staying updated on the latest fitness trends for cutting-edge client benefits. Stephen Walker is more than a coach; he's a guiding force empowering individuals on their lifelong wellness journey at Surge Kickboxing.



Meet Mel, our dedicated kickboxing coach at Surge Kickboxing. Her journey from member to trainer reflects unwavering dedication and mastery. With refined skills under Surge Kickboxing's guidance, Mel is an esteemed authority, contributing to our positive atmosphere. Her energy resonates with members, shaping Surge Kickboxing's thriving environment. Mel's professionalism and passion enhance our training programs, symbolizing our commitment to success and camaraderie. We're honored to have Mel integral to the Surge Kickboxing team.



Meet Kim, our dedicated fitness enthusiast who started her kickboxing journey at Surge in '22, achieving impressive results. Balancing roles as a mother and kindergarten teacher, Kim is a relatable mentor for those navigating a balanced lifestyle. Beyond her caregiving and teaching, she's a skilled striker committed to continuous improvement, showcasing mastery in her discipline. Join Kim on your fitness journey to benefit from her understanding of real-life challenges and expertise. With Kim as your companion, unlock the full potential of your fitness endeavors.



Meet Gabriel, a passionate martial arts enthusiast whose journey from novice to distinguished Muay Thai force began in 2016. Now a devoted coach, his story embodies the transformative power of unwavering dedication. With a wealth of experience, Gabriel serves as an inspiring mentor for those navigating the dynamic world of martial arts. Join him on a journey that goes beyond conventional training, offering an immersive exploration of triumphs and challenges. Under Gabriel's guidance, anticipate not only skill refinement but also the development of a resilient mindset that transcends the boundaries of the sport.



Meet Katie, a dynamic member-turned-trainer at Surge Kickboxing. Her journey began by immersing in the vibrant community, forging connections, and cultivating a passion for kickboxing beyond training sessions. Outside the gym, Katie enjoys travel, family moments, and expressing her creativity through culinary arts. With extensive experience and genuine affection for the community, she brings positive impacts and dynamic training experiences. 



Meet Professor Blake Dvorak, who began his Jiu-Jitsu journey at 15 in 2007 with his father. They discovered a local MMA academy, signed up for a trial class, and were hooked from day one. Blake achieved his blue belt at 16, became a kids’ instructor, and at 18, decided to own his academy. In 2014, he co-founded Top Game Jiu Jitsu Studio in Corinth, Texas. Under Allen Mohler, Blake received brown and black belts, becoming Mohler's youngest black belt. Running Top Game until 2019, Blake achieved podium success, coached nationwide, and contributed to his community through Jiu Jitsu. After selling the academy, he moved to Colorado in 2019, eager to start a new chapter and help others reach their Jiu-Jitsu goals.



In 2014, Colleen embraced martial arts, integrating it into her lifestyle during her children's formative years. Dedicated to training, competing, and coaching, she seamlessly became part of the martial arts community. Surge Kickboxing warmly welcomes Colleen, a multifaceted addition genuinely excited to contribute to others' success. Whether delivering powerful punches or offering coaching, Colleen is a rockstar member dedicated to helping individuals excel in martial arts and personal growth. Join Colleen at Surge Kickboxing for a transformative journey, experiencing skillful guidance and a supportive atmosphere that will elevate your martial arts journey!


Administrative Director

Trish, our dedicated Administrative Director at Surge Kickboxing, started as a member and evolved into an inspiring figure within the community. Beyond her administrative role, Trish is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for kickboxing and actively participates in the karate program. Her story reflects the transformative power of Surge Kickboxing, showcasing her commitment to personal fitness and community. As our Administrative Director, Trish ensures smooth operations, embodying Surge Kickboxing's principles. Her journey from member to Administrative Director exemplifies the inclusive environment that sets Surge Kickboxing apart.



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contact us

(720) 510-9932


14701 W 65th Way, Suite 1

Arvada CO 80004

Circuit Schedule

6am-1pm, 4pm-8pm Monday-Thursday
6am-1pm, 4pm-7pm Friday
8am-12pm Saturday
Closed - Sunday

Karate Class Schedule

Lil Dragons (Ages 4-9) 5pm Monday-Thursday
Junior Ninjas (Ages 10+) 6pm Monday-Thursday

Adult Karate (Ages 14+) 12pm Wednesday, 7pm Tuesday and Thursday

BJJ Class Schedule

6pm Monday-Wednesday

7pm Monday-Wednesday

Striking Class Schedule

Intro to Striking: 12pm Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30pm Monday and Wednesday
Intermediate Striking (Must be an Orange Rank or Higher to Participate): 12pm Monday, 4:30pm Tuesday and Thursday, 7pm Monday