Empowerment Seminar: Self-Defense and Intro To BJJ. June 22nd @ Noon!

Liminal Jiu Jitsu Academy is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy located inside Surge Kickboxing at 14701 W. 65th Way Suite 1 Arvada, CO 80004. Our academy specializes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training, offering classes for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. We focus on providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment to help our students reach their full potential. Our BJJ program is tailored for individuals of all skill levels and covers essential positions, submissions, escapes, and transitions. We aim to cultivate mental acuity, physical dexterity, and a profound understanding of ground-based combat.

contact us

(720) 510-9932


14701 W 65th Way, Suite 1

Arvada CO 80004

Circuit Schedule

6am-1pm, 4pm-8pm Monday-Thursday
6am-1pm, 4pm-7pm Friday
8am-12pm Saturday
Closed - Sunday

Karate Class Schedule

Lil Dragons (Ages 4-9) 5pm Monday-Thursday
Junior Ninjas (Ages 10+) 6pm Monday-Thursday

Adult Karate (Ages 14+) 12pm Wednesday, 7pm Tuesday and Thursday

BJJ Class Schedule

6pm Monday-Wednesday

7pm Monday-Wednesday

Striking Class Schedule

Intro to Striking: 12pm Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30pm Monday and Wednesday
Intermediate Striking (Must be an Orange Rank or Higher to Participate): 12pm Monday, 4:30pm Tuesday and Thursday, 7pm Monday