In Person VS Online Fitness Training

Feb 10, 2021


Since March 2020 the world has been completely flipped upside down. So many fitness professionals have been preaching that the future for the industry is going to be remote. I am not so convinced that is the case.

What has changed?

Starting in March of 2020 the fitness industry was one of the hardest hit industries, with gyms all over the country being forced to shut down. Many fitness professionals had to quickly adapt to offering remote training options via zoom. Now many of them are saying that this trend is here to stay and that in person fitness training is dying.


Why we do not believe the hype:
Remote fitness training is a great option for people on the move who are constantly traveling and do not have time for a routine that involves going to the gym, however there are many cons to remote fitness training. One of the biggest things is the cost. It is expensive to purchase all the equipment, especially if you want to have a wide array like most gyms carry. Second, you are not going to get the same instruction and care from a trainer. It is a lot easier to train clients in person to ensure they have correct form and are getting the most out of their workout. Plus once you get to the gym, there is no turning back. It is easy to blow off a workout at home. Finally, which we think is the most important, is the community. People thrive on the community of the gym. Clients help motivate and support one another.


Why we love in person fitness training:


Safety and Results w/ a trainer