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Discover Martial Arts in 6 Weeks at Surge Kickboxing


Reach your potential with our 6-week introductory program at Surge Kickboxing. Perfect for all skill levels, this immersive experience includes:

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from world-renowned coaches.
  • All Equipment Included: Gear up with everything you need.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Master Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and striking fundamentals.
  • Structured Learning: Progress through a carefully designed program.
  • Supportive Community: Join a motivating and encouraging group.
  • Flexible Schedule: Fit sessions into your busy life.

Why choose us? We make martial arts accessible and enjoyable, ensuring your satisfaction with a guarantee. Ready to kickstart your journey? Enroll today for an exciting and empowering martial arts experience!

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Drop-In Anytime

  • Start Your Fitness Journey with Daily Kickboxing Workouts: Initiate your fitness journey with Surge Kickboxing's daily kickboxing workouts, designed for optimal results and lasting transformation.
  • Meticulously Designed for a Full-Body Workout in Under 40 Minutes: Experience efficient workouts with our meticulously designed sessions, ensuring a comprehensive full-body workout in under 40 minutes.
  • Comprehensive Routine Targeting Every Muscle Group: Our kickboxing routine is crafted to target every muscle group, providing a well-rounded and effective exercise regimen.
  • Personalized Attention from Certified Trainers Ensures Form Perfection: Receive personalized attention from our certified trainers, ensuring your form is perfected for maximum impact and safety.
  • Forget Class Restrictions, Join Sessions Based on Your Schedule: Enjoy the flexibility of joining sessions based on your schedule, eliminating the constraints of traditional class restrictions.
  • Experience Transformative Workouts Exceeding the Ordinary: Immerse yourself in transformative workouts that surpass ordinary fitness routines, providing a unique and invigorating experience.
  • Results Tailored to Your Individual Needs: Achieve results that align with your individual fitness goals, as our program is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Choose Surge Kickboxing for a fitness adventure that transcends expectations, delivering a holistic and rewarding fitness experience!



Striking Program

Unleash Your Inner Striker and Elevate Your Martial Arts Journey!

  • Explore Martial Arts Excellence with Surge Kickboxing's Striking Program: Immerse yourself in the world of martial arts through our Striking Program, meticulously crafted for both novices and seasoned practitioners.
  • Master Essential Striking Techniques with an Unparalleled Opportunity: Seize the opportunity to master fundamental striking techniques that form the core of our comprehensive program.
  • Guided Journey by Highly Skilled and Certified Instructors: Your journey is guided by our highly skilled and certified instructors, ensuring expert guidance throughout your martial arts experience.
  • Structured Curriculum Encompassing Precise Striking, Clinching, Kicks, and Defense: Explore a structured curriculum covering precise striking, clinching, powerful kicks, and defensive maneuvers for a well-rounded skill set.
  • Suitable for Competitors and Those Seeking an Intense Workout: Whether you aim for competition success or seek an intense workout, our Striking Program accommodates individuals with varying goals and fitness levels.

Surge Kickboxing invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, discipline, and transformation through the art of striking. Join us to experience the thrill of martial arts and elevate your striking skills to new heights!


Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Program

Master the Ground Game: Elevate Your Skills with Surge Kickboxing's Dynamic BJJ Program!

  • Dive into the World of Grappling Excellence: Immerse yourself in Surge Kickboxing's BJJ Program, tailored for both beginners and experienced practitioners.
  • Explore Intricate Techniques and Strategies of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Experience a journey through the nuanced world of BJJ with our seasoned instructors guiding you through a comprehensive curriculum.
  • Refine Your Skills with Essential Positions, Submissions, Escapes, and Transitions: Develop a solid foundation and refine advanced BJJ skills as you delve into crucial positions, submissions, escapes, and transitions.
  • Surge Kickboxing's BJJ Program Accommodates Individuals of All Skill Levels: Whether you're a novice or seasoned practitioner, our program is designed to cater to individuals of all skill levels.

Join Surge Kickboxing to embrace the transformative power of BJJ, cultivating mental acuity, physical dexterity, and a profound understanding of ground-based combat. Elevate your skills with us today!




Youth and Adult Martial Arts Classes

  • Immerse Yourself in Our Shotokan Karate Program: Delve into the world of Shotokan Karate as our program guides students to master kihon, kata, kumite, and self-defense.
  • Beyond Martial Arts Fundamentals, Our Curriculum Instills Valuable Life Skills: Experience a holistic curriculum that goes beyond martial arts fundamentals, instilling valuable life skills such as discipline, focus, and resilience.
  • Fostering Discipline, Focus, and Resilience: Our program places a strong emphasis on fostering discipline, focus, and resilience, contributing to personal and professional growth.
  • This Holistic Approach Ensures Lasting Benefits: Embrace a holistic approach that ensures lasting benefits, enriching both your personal and professional journeys. 

Join Us for a Transformative Martial Arts Experience Today! Embark on a transformative martial arts journey by joining us today and unlocking the potential for personal growth and mastery.


Surge Kickboxing 

Transformation Program


Transform Your Body with our 6-Week Transformation Program

  • Unlock Transformative Fitness with Our Program: Experience a comprehensive transformation program offering daily workouts, nutrition support, and access to valuable resources.
  • Workouts for Consistent Progress: Access daily workouts designed for consistent progress, ensuring you stay on track toward your fitness goals.
  • Nutrition Support with Customized Meal Plans and Grocery Lists: Benefit from nutrition support featuring personalized meal plans and grocery lists, enhancing your overall wellness journey.
  • Accountability Tracking with Goal Setting and Exercise % Increase Reporting: Stay accountable with goal-setting features and exercise percentage increase reporting, providing a clear path to success.
  • Mindset Coaching for Goal-Crushing Success: Receive mindset coaching to cultivate the right mental attitude, empowering you to crush your fitness goals with confidence.

Schedule a Free Consultation Today to Get Started! Initiate your transformation journey by scheduling a free consultation today, allowing us to tailor the program to your specific needs and goals.

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Surge Kickboxing On-Demand


Access Surge Kickboxing Online

We offer a library of online workouts. Become a member of Surge Kickboxing from the comfort of your home. Just log in and click the workout you want to do for the day! Each workout is led by a trainer and no equipment is needed. 

On-Demand Membership



A Customized Plan For You

One-on-one, or small group training concentrating on your personal fitness goals led by a trainer of your choice. The training session will focus specifically on you, your goals, and your fitness.




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Circuit Schedule

6am-1pm, 4pm-8pm Monday-Thursday
6am-1pm, 4pm-7pm Friday
8am-12pm Saturday
Closed - Sunday

Karate Class Schedule

Lil Dragons (Ages 4-9) 5pm Monday-Thursday
Junior Ninjas (Ages 10+) 6pm Monday-Thursday

Adult Karate (Ages 14+) 12pm Wednesday, 7pm Tuesday and Thursday

BJJ Class Schedule

6pm Monday-Wednesday

7pm Monday-Wednesday

Striking Class Schedule

Intro to Striking: 12pm Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30pm Monday and Wednesday
Intermediate Striking (Must be an Orange Rank or Higher to Participate): 12pm Monday, 4:30pm Tuesday and Thursday, 7pm Monday